life lately: winter jam, feeling empty, few goals…

life lately

I hate it when I do not keep up with my blog. I need to do better. That said, let’s catch up on a few things.

  • I attended Winter Jam this year. It was unbelievable! Winter Jam is a christian concert made up of 10 bands and only cost $10.00. For King and Country were headlining and they completely “showed-off.” They were amazing with their vocals and performance and engaging the crowd. I also loved Lauren Daigle you all know how I feel about her if you read THIS post and I fell in love with David Crowder as a performer. I didn’t expect him to be that great of a performer, fully energized and engaging. It was a pleasant surprise. Matthew West and sidewalk prophets were the other people I wanted to see. I have a snap video check out below: 
  • I also need to start reading again, well a lot more than I am. I’m going to make use of my library card since I can’t really afford to be purchasing books as frequently as I used to. But I did find out about a website called THRIFT BOOKS which I am very excited about. check it out.
  • Lately, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the last few years more than usually specifically the years 2012-2015. It has left me with regret and filling of emptiness. I realized that, I have given so much of myself away and kept nothing for myself. I’ve shared so much with people who are currently not in my life and I regret it. Not to say the people weren’t deserving of me, but it was unnecessary. I didn’t have to jump the girls car, I didn’t have to go on that date, I didn’t have to open up about fears, about my hurts, I didn’t have to kiss him, I didn’t have to go to that party, I didn’t have to study with that girl, I didn’t HAVE to do anything. The fact that I did fills me with regret and emptiness. So I sit here, waiting for restoration.
  • I want to begin taking pictures with my actual camera for blogging purposes. I’ve been relying on my iphone way too much.

till later
so much love


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