Book review: Windfallen by Jojo Moyes


Within the last 2 years, I have become a huge fan of Jojo Moyes work. I’ve read over 6 books by her but most were of her recent work, so I as I was searching for a new book to read, I read some reviews and decided to choose one of her earliest work. Windfallen which was originally called The Forbidden Fruit is the second book that Jojo Moyes wrote.


The story starts with Lottie and Celia meeting a group of Bohemians in the their very conservative town outside of London called Merham. The town did not accept the Bohemians but Lottie and Celia, most Lottie was drown to the outsiders because of how different they were. And becasue Lottie was also an outsider who had no family of her own but was  accepted by the people of Merham becasue she joined Celia’s family. Lottie eventually began to feel unwanted the older she got and especially when Celia entered into a relationship with a man Lottie thought was meant for her instead of Celia, Guy.

Celia met Guy when she was away in trade in school in the city of London and decided that He was the man she was going to marry. Upon completing her schooling she brought Guy back to Merham to introduce to the family. When Lottie set eyes on Guy, she too decided that Guy was the man for her which created so much tension within her self and out of misery and other circumstances led her to move out of Celia’s family house and join the Bohemains for while until eventually moving with them to France.

Fast forward to 50 years later, the house the Bohemians used to live at in Merham and was given to Lottie was bought by a young wealthy man who also finds love in Merham with a woman he had no business loving due to her baggage.

My thoughts

I absolutely love Jojo Moyes style of writing as I’ve said before in previous reviews. Her ability to time travel and still connect all the dots makes for a challenging reading at first but exciting when the reader finally catches on to what she is doing.

You can clearly tell that this is an early work because the transitions from a time period to the next isn’t as easy as her later works.

I also thought there were quite a bit of cliff-hangers.

We didn’t find out what happened to Celia and Guy, it seem like there was more to be told. Also, whether Celia found out or knew about Guy and Lottie,etc…

There were so many characters which I felt had no significant purpose to the story. They made for interesting read but I didn’t understand how they added in to the main stories.

For once, I didn’t like the main character, Lottie. She seemed helpless in the story but as reader being exposed to her thoughts and motives, she appeared arrogant and not very likable.

I also did not understand the epilogue. I tried to do a little research about it but it seems like I wasn’t the only who didn’t understand.

Overall, I liked the book but I’ve also read better from her!

Have you read Windfallen? did you comprehend the epilogue?


7 thoughts on “Book review: Windfallen by Jojo Moyes

  1. The epilogue is from a letter that Celia wrote to Lottie. Remember Guy said that Celia had written several letters? Celia is writing about how the huge lie (her “pregnancy”) and the fallout from it landed her in a psychiatric hospital. Not that she ever says that directly, but if you think about it…Celia had noticed that Guy’s shirt was untucked when he walked out of Lottie’s bedroom. She had noticed that he didn’t seem to love her anymore. Celia was no stranger to making up lies, so she told Lottie a whopper that would be sure to make her break it off with Guy.

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  2. Yes!! read Me before You for sure. You’ll want to read all her books after that one. It has been turned into a movie that will be released in June. There is also a sequel called After You. I have book reviews on both! I have not heard of How to Be Single..


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