FAILURES, the importance of sharing them


I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately, mostly my own failure. That is because for the second time, I failed the bar exam. For my non-North American living people, the bar exam is the last step to becoming a licence lawyer. If you’ve been with me long enough you’ll remember I had a one liner blog post about how I failed the bar exam the first time last year. I thought it was going to be the last time I would have to deal with that kind failure and disappointment, ah boy was I wrong!! I got my results last month and my first thought was, “How am I going to tell people I failed, AGAIN?”

My initial reaction was to hide my failure, run away from it and pretend it never happened. I made a decision I was going to tell people, “Oh I’m still waiting to take the exam.” when I got asked the question “are you a lawyer yet?” That way, they would think I was taking the test for the first time. But that would make me a liar.

I don’t want to be a liar. I don’t want to live and not have a testimony. I do not want to live a pretentious life and appear perfect. Because the truth is, I am not. I have failed at things before, I will fail at thing in the future and it is very important that I do not run away from them. So I’ve come up with five reasons why I think it is important to share our failures.

*share wisely! choose carefully the people you share with and the words you use in your sharing*

  1. A chance to practice gratitude- When we acknowledge our failures and are open with them, we begin to appreciate the little things. We cherish our small accomplishments and are more thankful for the things that we have already achieved!
  2. provides us with the right amount of humility- Honestly, what is more humbling that failing at something. Failure makes us less arrogant and reminds us that, there is room for growth. We learn that we do not know it all! and that is okay.
  3. we become less judgmental-  Sometimes we look at people who failed and say things or think things like, “He could have worked harder or try harder.” But once we’ve failed ourselves, we get off our high horse and realize it isn’t our place to say if someone tried hard enough or not.
  4. figure out what is valuable- I am the queen of misplaced value and worth. I’ve talked about how i find my worth in performance, but once I’m able to share my failures, I find that nothing has bee taken away from me. I wasn’t more or less valuable than when I failed or when people found out about my failure.
  5. a chance to encourage people- Once we share our failures and finally succeed, we are able to show and encourage people that success comes after failure. What an awesome story to share right?

I want to know how you deal with your own personal failures? or tell something about something you had your heart set on that didn’t come to pass…if its too personal, email me? check out my contact tab!

as usual, so much love!


I'm Shereen and welcome to my blog

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