5:Blogtober: My day in bullets

  • I wanted to write about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her book I just just started reading. She is calling for a reformation of Islam. But I decided not to write about because my brain is over me and I don’t want to say anything about a religion I don’t now about in mushy state of mind…so, another time! But you can read a post I wrote about her and her book Infidel HERE
  • I attempted to wake up early but I couldn’t open my eyes till about 7:15am. I was so annoyed
  • I got ready and left the house. That is when I was stuck in traffic for a lifetime which changed all of my plans
  • I did a few rounds and came back home
  • Then I had a training for work, then went straight to work after
  • I’ve been sleepy all day

and this sums up what I did today! How exciting!! Actually today has been a drag. I just want to sleep!

Do you ever have days where it feels like you’ve done so much and you are so tired but you still do not feel productive?


I'm Shereen and welcome to my blog

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