are you living your best life?

best life

A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I do not like traveling. I like being in new places but I do not like traveling. I hate searching for tickets. I hate buying tickets. I hate packing. I usually do not sleep well when I travel. I hate saying goodbye to people. I hate returning home because I am nostalgic AF and I am usually really really tired. I do not like traveling.

This “discovery” really took me by surprise because the world tells me I am supposed to love traveling. After all, how will I show people that I am living my best my life. Then I got to thinking, do I like what I really like? Do I care about what I really care about? what is my own idea of my best life?

When I go on social media, it appears that everyone’s best life looks the exact same: traveling, partying in exotic places, breakfast consisting of 3 different pastries, a mimosas, carefully arranged fruits, etc… you catch my drift. How can everyone’s best life consist of the same thing? Don’t get me wrong, I am not unique or anything, I usually like what the majority likes, but it is impossible that all of our best lives will look the same.

One thing I really want to work on is really discovering, accepting and taking joy in the things I like and chasing after MY goals. I know sometimes the world has a time table for us and what and how we should do things but I am just trying to unlearn things and maybe do what is true to me. Sometimes it might look very similar to what everyone is doing and sometimes it might look very different, but at least it will be what brings me joy.

I really hope you all are making decisions based on what brings you joy not what the world says should bring you joy. Really, live YOUR best life. Only you can decide what that is.

What does your best life look like?


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