True Life: I struggle with self-worth

 I've always struggled with self-worth and self-doubt but I especially recognized this about myself after I graduated. I realized over the years, I had put all my worth in academic achievements, if you can call it that and work. Those were the things I was most praised for. I remember, several times in middle school and [...]


“the pray for______” and “blacklivesmatters” culture

I am so sick and tired of this "pray for _____" culture that we are in, that we are getting accustomed to or have gotten accustom to. I am so tired of  the "blacklivesmatters" slogan and hashtags that we  have become so familiar with in our culture. I am just tired! None of these tragedies [...]

Life lately: maybe I’m the exception

  I want to start of by saying I have a new instagram for THIS blog. I no longer felt comfortable having a personal blog, but I loved having an instagram account. I will really appreciate it if you all head over and follow me!!let me know if you do, so I can follow back! [...]