a few things from today

I am having the struggle of all struggles finishing up my blog posts. I will have this great idea, begin writing it and then in the middle of it, I abandon it. I have about 10 drafts like that just from last week. It is so frustrating. Work is such a drag. I do not [...]


Book Review: Lucky by Alice Sebold

synopsis on goodreads: LUCKY My thoughts: Reading this book was my first introduction to Alice Sebold so I am not too familiar with her story besides what I read in lucky. To me, it was just a series of deep darkness and unfortunate incidents that she never really managed to deal with so I am [...]

for the person who feels too much

for the person who feels too much

When something would happen that I absolutely couldn't bear, I would go on google searching for articles like these: how to feel less, how to be less sensitive, how to not take things too personal, how to not wear your heart on your sleeves, and so on. Many articles with those titles would come up and I [...]

Book Review: Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa

Synopsis from goodreads.com Mornings in Jenin My thoughts To say Mornings in Jenin wrecked me is an understatement. I’m not really sure how to share my thoughts on this book. It was so heartbreaking I shed a few tears. Tears that, although fiction (names and love stories, etc..), these events actually happened, that there are real [...]