1: Taking stock

Happy Friday!!! Today I'm taking stockMaking :  nothing! Cooking : I have not been cooking lately Drinking : medium vanilla ice coffee. It's been a fun summer Reading: Rich and Pretty and Don’t you cry Wanting: to make something Looking: rough. I’ve been looking so unkempt lately Deciding: what my next move is Wishing: my [...]


open letter #2: To My Future Children

My sweet babies, By the time you learn how to read and understand, you will no longer be babies, but I do hope you learn quickly. You will not be walking around my house at 12 years old not knowing how to read. LMAO- laughing my ass off. This is just in case LMAO is [...]

5 thing I’ve been OBSESSED with lately

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed I love audio books!! I used to raised my chin or is nose at people who liked audio books. I didn't consider that reading, but it is so convenient! I just "read" Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. Gone Girl was another book I didn't want to read because it received so much hype! But [...]

MAYBE, the sun will rise

This is my first time participating in the dailypost! Receive me well please… When I think of the word maybe I think of Asa’s album, Beautiful Imperfection. One of my favorite songs on there is a song called maybe. This world is full of pain, Users and their useless ways, There’s people dying everywhere, Can't someone tells [...]