2015 tag: lesson learned, best memory, accomplishments

We're still in the spirit of welcoming the New Year! How exciting! I thought I keep this going by doing this tag I found on youtube. Obviously it is catered to youtube, so I will eliminate the questions that are inapplicable! Most Embarrassing Moment of 2015 I'm almost like a walking embarrassment so I do [...]


2015 in Review: singleness, sadness,confidence…

I debated on writing this post about how this past year went for me because I didn't want to relive the heartache and headache that came with it. But I am journaling this because I hope to read back next year and see where I was at and measure any improvements which I pray there [...]

Life lately: maybe I’m the exception

  I want to start of by saying I have a new instagram for THIS blog. I no longer felt comfortable having a personal blog, but I loved having an instagram account. I will really appreciate it if you all head over and follow me!!let me know if you do, so I can follow back! [...]