3 Things I hate about Fall

3 Things I hate about Fall

I am THE queen of fall. I absolutely love love love all things Fall. okay, not all. There are some things I cannot stand about the Fall season. I'll share 3 haunted houses- The way my heart is set up, if I  go somewhere and something jump out at me. I'm punching that something or dying. [...]


18:Blogtober: ch ch ch cherry bomb 

Bringing you something a little different today, one of my favorite fall lipsticks! For church today, I thought I'd polish my face to go meet my maker who says I am beautiful in His sight just the way I am and asks me to come as I am. *the irony*   I applied Black Radiance's [...]

Delicuious Autumn!! My very soul is wedded to it…

...and if I was a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns.- George Elliot Greetings, It is unofficially Autumn!! As an Autumn baby, October baby to be precise, I love all things Autumn. Some people view Autumn as the "depressing" season, but I thrive in the chilliness of Autumn, the "alone-ness" of [...]