29 years, 29 lessons

29 years, 29 lessons

Whether or not you have make up on your face, wash your face before you sleep. The dirt from the day will manifest in forms of pimples in the morning. Trust me Spend money on skin care Sometimes what you deserve isn't what you want. Let me explain, you deserve a healthy relationship but the [...]


14: Blogtober: the day after my birthday 

So yesterday was my birthday. Yay!  I worked and went to a nice restaurant and movies after.  I'm not really a reflective birthday person, I try to be. But I've realized recounting my life in terms of accomplishments or lesson learned brings me down more than uplift me. Although necessary, I don't think it should [...]

14:Blogtober: I hate my birthday?

   Yesterday was my birthday!!! Happy birthday to me. How is here my day went.  #libranation! I had to say that.  The night before, I found out I get free Starbucks coffee for my birthday. That was exciting.  I woke up to some birthday love and that's when my mood began to change. People even [...]

“For to be free…

is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” -Nelson Mandela Glorious Monday, (only because it is my birthday!!) I read a lot of blogs and advice books and articles and listen to motivational speakers, etc...I have noticed something or an advice [...]