Make Ghanaian meat pie

Hey friends, Hope you're doing well, and if not, I hope things change soon. Today, I will be sharing with you all how to make Ghanaian meat pie. I have heard it is similar to empanadas, made by Latinos, except that empanadas, from what I know are fried and Ghanaian meat pies are baked. **fun fact: [...]


Music playlist: Afternoon vibes

Happy Saturday afternoon, I woke up really late, as I've been doing since I've been here in Ghana. The whole neighborhood is quiet and chill as if everyone is still laying in and catching up with their significant other, or people are home spending time with their kids or just relaxing before going to party [...]

for the love of NEW MUSIC

Greetings,I absolutely LOVE new music, especially by artist who haven't become mainstream or popular yet. I like to say I discovered such artist before everyone. That said let me introduce G-Jay.G-Jay is an artist based in Columbus, Ohio. He just released his EP entitled Love Songs & BS. The songs on the EP are a [...]

5 songs I loved this week…

Here are songs I listened to the most this week...ENJOY!! "if you were mine"- Brymo "good morning"- Brymo. I absolutely love this song. I always want to dance when I hear it. Check out the whole album SON OF A KAPENTA "oceans"- Hillsong United...i LOVE the bridge of this song: "spirit lead [...]