January 2018 wrap up+Life Lately

this is a long one. I’m having one of those sleepless nights and I figured why not write my last post for January 2018. I really wasn’t planning on writing this because I genuinely do not know where January went. People keep complaining about how long January has been and I’m saying to myself, “I […]

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The 2 realities of death

These past few days have been hard for most of us due to the many senseless deaths that have occurred. Although I don’t anyone that have died lately, I still always grieve as if I knew ¬†them personally, I grieve more for the people who knew them that are left behind. The 2 sad realities […]

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There will be a day

Good evening, I was just in the kitchen cleaning while my mother was watching the news. I don’t like listening to the news so I wasn’t even paying attention but my mother began telling me about the recent headlines. One was about two missing boys from Africa,I believe Kenya and the other was about a […]

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to die is gain?

We are always thought to come to terms with our own mortality. No one ever tells us to be aware of others mortality. I’m not sure why that is. Acknowledging the fact that other people around us are eventually going to die, seem like the hardest thing for us, as a human race to do. […]

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