Travel: 5 Places to visit in Ghana. Aburi Gardens

Today, I will be sharing the second installment of my favorite places to visit in Ghana, which is the Aburi Botanical Gardens. It's about 30-40 minutes from the country's capital Accra. This is absolutely one of my favorite  places to go to. Here are some pictures... Have you ever been?  


Travel: 5 places to visit in Ghana

Happy throwback Thursday! I was looking through my files and found that I have so many pictures from Ghana that I haven't shared. So, I have decided to share my top 5 places to visit in Ghana. I will be sharing in 5 different installments that way you aren't bombarded. The first place I will [...]

5 thing I’ve been OBSESSED with lately

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed I love audio books!! I used to raised my chin or is nose at people who liked audio books. I didn't consider that reading, but it is so convenient! I just "read" Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. Gone Girl was another book I didn't want to read because it received so much hype! But [...]