What Wondrous Love is This

Sometimes, I think about how familiar I am with this story. That an Almighty God, stepped down into earth and was born a natural way, lived a humble simple life only to die just to bridge the gap between us and Him. My familiarity leads me to forget the significance of it all. I shouldn’t be familiar with this. I shouldn’t be familiar with this love and treat it like I am entitled to it. It isn’t the case here. There is nothing familiar about another taking my place

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Life Lately | March 2019

Long time! It actually hasn’t been a long time for me. I have drafted so many posts and not hit publish, because I haven’t really been feeling good about my writing. I was thinking everything sort of sound the same, and my life isn’t that interesting but I recently revisited a book called Big Magic…

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Podcasts that are changing my life

Listening to podcast has become a huge part of my life mainly because of what I do for work. Picking these were so hard as I listen to so many things but I selected these ones because I listen to these more frequently. I didn’t list them in a particular order because I love all…

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