29 years, 29 lessons

29 years, 29 lessons

Whether or not you have make up on your face, wash your face before you sleep. The dirt from the day will manifest in forms of pimples in the morning. Trust me Spend money on skin care Sometimes what you deserve isn't what you want. Let me explain, you deserve a healthy relationship but the [...]


May you learn to mend yourself: 7 steps

my last post of the year!! i hope to be more active next year on this blog. I've had a very interesting year and i'm looking forward to next. I'm ending and beginning this year with a bang because I am in Ghana and having a good time...anyways, unto the post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [...]

Lessons from a girl gon natural.

1. No two hair textures are the same. Do not compare your hair to other peoples hair. Do not expect it to do what other peoples hair does. You will be disappointed and you will not enjoy your natural hair. 2. Tips are just guidance. The are not from the holy book. You do not [...]