Life Lately | January 2019

January shapes it self to be a month of rest but we live in a society where being busy is praised and having something to do all the time is encouraged. So it does make sense that having nothing to do will stress people out more than having something to do. 

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Becoming by Michelle Obama Book Review

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African-American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive

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New Year’s Resolutions Ideas For Personal Growth

It is a new year and it is action time. I think I say this every year, but I do love me a fresh new year. I normally just pick a word I want to focus on through out the year but I struggled to pick one so I don’t feel comfortable sharing the words…

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