How to stop waiting for someone to make you happy

How to stop waiting for someone to make you happy

I realized after my last relationship that I was one of those people that sit around waiting for someone to make them happy. I didn't like discovering this truth about myself. Although we came into this world alone, we were also created for relationships, but not to be codependent on people. For me, finding happiness [...]


The presence of medicine, is not the absence of God

The strong black woman, God and mental health I remember having a conversation with a friend about the increase in black women getting on YouTube confessing that they’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression. Some lived to make a video about it, and some unfortunately had committed suicide only for their friends and family to [...]

4: An African city and mental health

30 days 30 minutes A few episodes on An African city, (I've talked about it HERE) Nana Yaa, one of the main characters was expressing some feelings about depression because of a dead relationship with her ex. One of her friends suggested she go see a therapist to deal with her depression, which she responded with, [...]