5 Questions Before Your Next Relationship

Hi friends, With all the #relationship goals going on, I think most of us single people who desire relationship can rush into something we really aren't ready for and it will definitely ruin us it terms of our time and emotions. Below I've listed some questions I think you need to ask yourself before your [...]


MAYBE, the sun will rise

This is my first time participating in the dailypost! Receive me well please… When I think of the word maybe I think of Asa’s album, Beautiful Imperfection. One of my favorite songs on there is a song called maybe. This world is full of pain, Users and their useless ways, There’s people dying everywhere, Can't someone tells [...]

day 1: 30 days 30 minutes writing challenge

Hi friends! Writing more was one the things I wanted to improve on this year, so, I have decided to embark on this 30 days, 30 minutes challenge. The rules of this challenge is to write unprepared posts for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. I first learnt of this challenge last year when Arielle [...]