True Life: I am not doing 2019 well

The exciting thing about the New Year is the expectancy or reliance on the fresh slate that we all kind of crave. So with that mind, we set all these goals, make all these promises, and then weeks into the New Year we begin to forget them and postpone them to the following month. And then eventually January arrives again.

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Life Lately | January 2019

January shapes it self to be a month of rest but we live in a society where being busy is praised and having something to do all the time is encouraged. So it does make sense that having nothing to do will stress people out more than having something to do. 

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Podcasts that are changing my life

Listening to podcast has become a huge part of my life mainly because of what I do for work. Picking these were so hard as I listen to so many things but I selected these ones because I listen to these more frequently. I didn’t list them in a particular order because I love all…

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