God has forgotten to write my love story

Hi friends, Lately, I've been feeling like God has forgotten to write my love story. I see people, Christians and non alike testifying about how God perfectly wrote their love story and just how happy they are and I am left feeling like, WHAT ABOUT ME? I'm waiting patiently. I'm avoiding unnecessary and temporary pleasures, [...]


5 Questions Before Your Next Relationship

Hi friends, With all the #relationship goals going on, I think most of us single people who desire relationship can rush into something we really aren't ready for and it will definitely ruin us it terms of our time and emotions. Below I've listed some questions I think you need to ask yourself before your [...]

Day 3: What is your relationship status

and how do you feel about it Welcome to day 3 of my writing challenge. I almost didn't make it today, but lets get on with it. The writing prompt is, what is your relationship status and how do you feel about it? My relationship status is, SINGLE AF There are days where I feel [...]