Day 3: What is your relationship status

and how do you feel about it Welcome to day 3 of my writing challenge. I almost didn't make it today, but lets get on with it. The writing prompt is, what is your relationship status and how do you feel about it? My relationship status is, SINGLE AF There are days where I feel [...]


January 2018 wrap up+Life Lately

January 2018 wrap up+Life Lately

this is a long one. I'm having one of those sleepless nights and I figured why not write my last post for January 2018. I really wasn't planning on writing this because I genuinely do not know where January went. People keep complaining about how long January has been and I'm saying to myself, "I [...]

True Life: I am unloveable

For so many years I've really struggled with feeling unloveable. Being loveable is defined as having qualities that attract love. Most people I've liked or loved I've felt have abandoned me and anytime someone walked away from me I've always felt like it was something I did. I started telling myself maybe I am unloveable [...]