What Wondrous Love is This

Sometimes, I think about how familiar I am with this story. That an Almighty God, stepped down into earth and was born a natural way, lived a humble simple life only to die just to bridge the gap between us and Him. My familiarity leads me to forget the significance of it all. I shouldn’t be familiar with this. I shouldn’t be familiar with this love and treat it like I am entitled to it. It isn’t the case here. There is nothing familiar about another taking my place

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5 Things about Me

It is bonding time. I am sharing 5 very personal things you don’t know about me What is your favorite and least favorite personality trait? My favorite personality trait is how sensitive I am. Over the years, people have made me feel like it was a bad trait to have but I’ve grown to accept…

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Things that make me happy

Thank God it is Friday! Who am I? I always thought saying TGIF was so obnoxious but here I am saying it. BUT it is a new day and I am a new creation. Can I get an amen?  haha, but in all seriousness, I am just wired this way. (more about my personality type…

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